Diversify How You Date Sissy!

Have you ever heard the term Diversify? You should of your a part of the LGBTQ community. Diversify, and diversity has become words that we hear every day. I’m sure you heard it Sissy! I do believe there is some importance in this word, especially when it comes to dating. Especially for you white sissies out there.

The first thing to do, think about the qualities you’re looking for in a partner( think beyond a big dick). We all have different goals and objectives, and when you figure out what you are looking for, you can start looking for your ideal partner. Do you need a dom, a hotwife, a mistress or just a plan old boyfriend.

So, where does diversity come in? Well, finding your ideal partner may not be the person you envisioned. While, I am one to believe that happiness comes from within and not through another person. Having the right person in your life can improve your happiness. Isn’t that all you want to feel happy as a sissy cuck boy?

So let’s start with typical mistakes, where have you been meeting men? In bars, the job, online or even the gym. I want you to self reflect, has this worked out for you? Why not try somewhere different? Instead of meeting a man in your usual places, why not try meeting them in places that interest you? Think about places that you enjoy going to or an interest you have, make a list, and start there. If you enjoy drinking wine, why not try to meet a guy at a wine tasting event or wine class. Taste some wine then some cum. If you enjoy the beach and surfboarding, why not try the beach. Followed by sex on the beach.

We all know that opposites attract, I suggest you test out this theory. If you usually go for the fit guy, why not try out a dad bod. If you’re attracted to the artistic guy, go out on a date with the businessman and see what he has to offer. If you like serious men, why not try a guy with a sense of humor, he might put a smile on your face. If you like white boys why not try a black man!

Now, I want to bring up is interracial dating and dating people of different cultures. I know we are in the 21st-century, but for some people, this is still a No-No! If you’ve dated the same type of guy for the last 20 years and it hasn’t worked out for you, maybe its time to try someone from a different race or background. Castaway whatever societal taboo you feel exists and try something new. Remember, society is not going to find you a partner that will make you happy; you have to.

Try out these tips to diversify your dating field. It doesn’t hurt to try, and you might just meet the right person. Remember, if you stick to one type of guy and it hasn’t worked out for you, don’t keep making the same mistake.

– Saint X

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