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Taking a break to find myself

Last year May, I was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is still a touchy subject for me as I am not ready to discuss it thoroughly. I will get to a discussion about it sooner or later because I think it’s crucial to take care of yourself and create awareness. I was fortunate that the cancer was removed, and I am currently cancer-free.

With weeks of recovery ahead of me, on my bed unable to walk, and rooted in thought. I looked back at my past relationships, and I realized that I was never happy in my relationships. I guess I could even say I was never even content. When a relationship started to get ruff and ended, for months, I would be a mess. These periods of emotional instability created nothing productive. I realized that happiness could not be found within another person. You must find happiness within yourself.

Since then, I have taken a break from dating. My life has drastically improved. In the last two months, I’ve visited Germany, the Czech Republic, and Colombia. I even went to London to drink beer with my cousin for a few days. My increased travel has people thinking about where I am getting all this money. While the money I make has not increased how I spend it has changed. I realized with my new circumstances. I want to enjoy life a little more and be happy. And the only way I can be happy is by doing things I want to do.

So, I want everyone to think about this. If something makes you unhappy, stay away from it. We have a limited time on earth and why not choose to prosper than to suffer.

Sometimes we need a break from others to find ourselves.

-Saint X

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