Trying Your First Dick!

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It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey to be a sissy or a cuck. Most sissy cucks have one goal, trying a cock. It’s a huge milestone for some. The good thing is, this is a judgment-free zone.

Over the years, I’m sure you have looked down and touched your cock, realizing how small it is. It doesn’t help That when your friends make jokes about how big their dicks are, you can never join in. You can literally see other men’s bulges bulging out. And your bulge is technically nonexistent.

Even for some of you, whose dick is not too small, are you really happy with it? Is being average worth it. Nobody wants to be average at anything. So when we talk about having an average penis, that might be even worse than having a small penis. At least sissies with small penises know it’s small and try to sissify themselves. Some men with small penises let their wives fuck other men. So here you are with what you feel is an average dick, but it’s not big enough to make the girls go crazy, and you try to tell yourself at least it’s not small, but it’s still small enough for you to feel deep down inside you got a small dick. Most sissies with average dicks really wish it was smaller, and I’m sure deep down inside you do too.

Now that your feelings are starting to get sorted out and you know where you stand in life, why don’t we start taking a step in the right direction? Let’s discuss trying a dick.

Have you noticed that a lot of women like chocolate? We can agree that it tastes pretty good, right! Well, think about that in context to a dick, not a small one, a big thick, long one. Have you ever noticed how women love talking about a guy with a big dick? How good it feels inside of them, how they love playing with them and sucking on them? Maybe all these girls know something, and you’re just catching on.

Sucking big fat dicks is fun!

Don’t get the FOMO syndrome. Sucking dick is not as hard as you think it is. You have to set your mind to it and go out and do it. You know you want to suck cock, and now it’s time to make it happen. Nobody has to know what you’re doing. You can meet a guy online and keep it between you and him. Or if you want to be even more discreet, why don’t you go to a glory hole, where it’s just you, the hole, and a big cock.

Just remember, it only takes a few second to change your life for the better. And just 20 or 30 seconds, you can pull down the guys pants and put his big dick in your mouth. And when you do that, you will finally see what you’ve been missing out on!

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