All dicks aren’t created equal…..Sissy

The famous Thomas Jefferson once said, ” all men are created equal.” In our society, we hold that as an unquestionable truth. Do you think it’s the truth? Growing up, you might have started to feel a little different inside. I am sure you can identify the age you began to feel a little bit unsure of yourself. Maybe you weren’t good at sports, didn’t like what the other boys liked, or girls weren’t interested in you. At some point, you started to enjoy what the girls liked.

For years, you thought of these feelings of inadequacy. You dated women, you fell in love, and even she may have loved you back. It started happening, though. You started realizing that maybe life isn’t fair.
The sad truth is the world is only based on one thing, sex.

When it comes to sex, you are below average. It came back to you that your ex-girlfriend said you do not know how to fuck. You heard her new boyfriend has 4 more inches than you. You told her you would never hurt her, which was technically correct because your dick was to small too.

The cycle repeats itself over and over again. You date a woman, and she leaves you for a handsome guy with a huge dick. You feel like shit for months, and then you decide it’s time to start back dating. Let’s think about sex and money interchangeably. You can trade money for sex if you are a John. Or you can trade sex for money if you’re a prostitute. With that being said, technically, you’re worthless because you have a small dick, and you don’t know how to fuck. What’s the point of paying for sex, if your dick has no worth.

There is a way to fix this; how you may ask? You have to make your sex worthwhile. That means excepting your dick is worthless, and you don’t know how to fuck. So how do you remedy that? Well, there are two ways.

Your first way of fixing this terrible problem is letting your girlfriend or wife fuck other men. Deep down inside, you are a fantastic person. But when it comes to your dick, you’re just pitiful. Letting your wife fuck other men is the only way you could be happy. This is your key to a happy life and relationship. That piece of advice was on the house, but I accept tips.

The second way to remedy this feeling of inadequacy in your soul is to let guys fuck you and use you like a little sissy whore. You know you have always felt attracted to men, you haven’t been able to please a woman. Why not start pleasing men, the only way you will find happiness and great sex is to let other men use you as they please. And quite possibly, you might meet a man who is less interested in your small dick and more interested in fucking you like the whore you are.

So if you ever hear the term, all men are born equal. It is a lie; you didn’t choose to be born with a small useless dick. You didn’t choose to be attracted to men. These were the cards that you were dealt, and you have to make the best of them. Go out there and be proud and try to be the best sissy cuck you can.

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