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A Discovery At The Club – Part 1 [Fiction] [FMM] [Bi] [Coerced]

Written by u/Talesoffantasy on Reddit

This is a fictional story, about a chance encounter, its a nice burner, and heats up throughout. I hope you enjoy it, with it being my first story i would really appreciate some feedback. Thank you, Enjoy.

I had seen her before, at the bar, ordering a drink, flirting with the bar tender, she looked beautiful under the orange and yellow lighting of the club, even with the dishevelled look she was sporting. Her hair was blonde with streaks of her dark roots showing through, her make up, I could tell, at the beginning of the night had been perfect, but since then had been retouched, her lips were vibrant red and her eyes dark with eyeliner, it was hard to tell how tall she actually was, but in the heels she was wearing she matched my height of 5ft 10, her short black dress clinged tightly to her hips and peachy ass, flowing up towards her perky tits, her nipples poking through to betray any secret of her not wearing a bra. She was a beauty, but she gave off a vibe of danger, unpredictability.

“You got a problem fucker?” The voice was feminine and sultry, but powerful!

Oh shit I thought as my heart skipped a beat, she had caught me staring, who knows for how long! We had been standing in the queues for the toilet for what felt like an eternity.

“N, no problem, what do you mean?” I stuttered back, trying my best to feign ignorance about what she was asking

“Really? N, no problem huh?” She mocked
“Then how come your staring at me like a creep, undressing me with your eyes, you perv!” It wasn’t a question, she was making a statement, she knew I was looking her up and down, and she wanted me to know that she knew.

“Listen, I’m sorry, I’ve been standing here waiting for so long, my mind must have wandered” I tried to wriggle free of the embarrassment and potentially volatile situation.

“No, no I’m pretty certain you were staring right at me, checking me out” she danced with her hips a little as she smirked
“Its ok, I’m used to it, I dress to impress, listen this queue is taking too long and I’m gunna pee myself before I get in there, I know a better option, follow me” and with that her eyes glinted and her hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me across the dancefloor “I used to date the owner, there’s another toilet in here” she said as she pushed through what looked like the wall but was actually a door of the same colour.

The door flew open and bathed us both in a white light. I was in a state of shock, ‘who is this woman, where is she taking me and why am I just blindly following her’ I thought. The music was muffled and the vibrant energy of the club was replaced by a glimpse behind the scenes as we stepped into a hallway and the door closed behind us. The corridor was empty but for a few doors and some fire extinguishers, the air heavy with the smell of alcohol.

“Come on, quickly, YOU don’t wanna get caught back here” she smirked as she spoke, her perfect teeth shining in the fluorescent light of the hallway outlined in deep red.

She pulled me towards a door, the handle creaked as the door flew open into a small, old looking bathroom, it smelled of pine and every surface looked pristine. The white tiles of the floor and walls gleamed.

*snap* *snap* her fingers clicked
Without speaking she pointed me towards a porcelain urinal protruding from the wall, as she half stumbled into the grey cubicle next to it.

“So what’s your name anyway?” I asked while unzipping my jeans and pulling out my penis

“Zoe, not that its any of your business perv” she giggled as she said it, but it was a loaded giggle

“I wasn’t perving, you’re hard to miss, you catch the eye I guess” I tried to play it smooth, I mean, who knows, she chose to drag me here.

“Oh yeah? You flirting with me uhhh… what’s your name again?” She asked me, I could tell in her tone she was smirking

“Paul, and I’m not flirting” I sheepishly said embarrassed. I shook myself off and zipped up my jeans.

She said nothing back, I looked at the cubicle, there was no sound other than the clicking of a lighter that wouldn’t ignite, “listen, I’m gunna head back, like you said, I don’t wanna be caught back here” I said, worried Zoe had made herself comfortable and not wanting to be caught.

“So you’re just gunna perv on me, follow me to a secluded spot, flirt with me, and then leave?” She sounded disappointed, “and to think tonight coulda been your lucky night” she almost whispered, her words trailing off at the end

I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I asked her what she had said

“Bye Paul!” She rasped back at me, the sweet scent of weed climbing over the cubicle wall and filling the bathroom

I hesitated, I wanted to say something back, to protest and tell her I was staying, but I had a bad feeling about this and I didn’t want to be caught where I shouldn’t be with someone I didn’t know.

I turned and grabbed at the door handle, it wouldn’t open, it just creaked as it turned. I looked for a lock, but there wasn’t one, just the handle. I tried it again a couple more times.

“Shit” I half shouted in frustration and the thought I would be banned from my favourite club once they had to come and let us out.

“What’s wrong Pauly?” Zoes words floated through the air, so placid it was hard to tell if she even really cared what was happening.

“The fucking door is stuck, were going to get caught back here!” I was angry “you got me stuck in here”

“Now now Pauly, don’t get mad at me, it was YOU checking me out, YOU following me and YOU that cant open the door” her voice still calm, powerful.

“You should come and try some of this, it might loosen you up a bit” she giggled, but the invite was real. “Come on, calm down”

I tried the door once more, again the handle creaked and again the door did not budge. I turned towards the cubicle, it suddenly looked ominous, dimly lit, the light gliding across all of the tiles, but the cubicle was grey wood, the light almost didn’t touch its surface and a little glow spread across the ceiling around it, from a small light inside.

I opened the door to the cubicle and there sat on the toilet was Zoe, she looked at me with a smirk as her painted nails took her joint to her matching lips. She took a long drag and then slowly took it away from her mouth.

“Here, take this” her voice was sultry but commanding, and smoke poured from her plump lips as she held the joint out towards me.

I took the joint from her finger tips and raised it to my lips until they met the lipstick stained roach. I inhaled a long deep drag, and only just managed to breathe the smoke back out without coughing.

It hit me immediately, I smoke weed regularly, the quality isn’t great where I live and so the feeling is mild, but this was good, really good.

I passed the joint back to Zoe, her dark eyes fixated on mine and her hint of a smile full of intent. Then she sat back and began smoking again, blowing clouds of white fog upwards towards the ceiling.

I looked down at her as I stood with my back to the cubicle door, I could see her better in this light, sitting still. She looked about the same age as me, mid 20’s, her skin looked soft and tanned, her strapless dress clinged to her pert tits, her nipples fighting to break free, matching my growing erection.

“Seriously, again?” “You can’t help yourself can you?” She snapped at me, half joking. “You like what you see right?” She said smiling at me, moving her free hand down over her chest, to the neckline of her dress.

She slowly pulled her dress down, her perky tits spilled out and her perfect nipples finally free. “Well, you like what you see, right?” She repeated

“Y, ye, yeah I like what I see, um, yeah” I stammered, overcome with nerves, as she moved her fingers to her mouth and then to her left nipple.

“Good, get down on your knees” Zoe looked up at me, while she played with her nipple and stubbed out the joint against the cubicle wall.

Nervously I did as she said, my pants fighting my erection. ‘My lucky day’ I thought as I lowered to the ground, so pleased with myself.

I was eye level with her now, closer, her skin looked smooth and perfect, she smiled at me and leaned in. I leaned forward slightly and met her juicy red lips with mine. It was amazing and hard to explain, the kiss with her felt powerful, and expert, her tongue explored my mouth delicately but with passion, it felt almost liberating.

She pulled away from me slowly, my bottom lip still between her teeth until she let go, with a smile.

At this point i noticed her red thong touch my arm as i knelt. She had one leg free of it, so it was hanging on her thigh, draped over the top of her black stocking, I was dying to just look down slightly, to look at Zoes naked pussy.

“You wanna taste me, perv?” She grinned again at me, her teeth and lipstick contrasting each other perfectly her eyes filled with deviance.

She leaned back more, her dress moving up as she did, revealing her pussy to me. I nearly died as I looked at her perfect mound, she was shaved smooth apart from about an inch long strip of hair the width of a pencil.

“I I uh I” i couldn’t speak, I was hypnotized by her beauty, by her question

Her thighs made a smack as they snapped closed.

She laughed, not aggressively, but as if she knew she was in total control of the situation and loved it. My heart sank.

“Not so fast Pauley, what do you think huh? You think I’m that easy perv?” The question was rhetorical, “oh I’m not that easy Pauley, if you want to taste my tight young pussy, you’ll have to prove your worthy, I’m very particular, I have to know you can take instructions” she spoke to me, but did not make eye contact.

I didn’t have time to process this information or speak back. “Get down there, and kiss my shoes” she commanded, still placid. And with that she crossed one leg over the other so her red high heeled foot hung above the ground.

I was so turned on by Zoe and the circumstances that lead to this moment that I didn’t even question her, I leaned further down, my elbows touching the cold tiles. I moved towards her shoe and kissed it.

“A little peck, that’s all I deserve Pauley? Kiss my shoe, show me you want to taste my sweet pussy” she purred at me

I did not answer back, I went back in for a second try, this time I pressed my lips to the tip of the shoe, it felt cold, so was the bathroom, I sucked and licked the shiny red leather, making sure to pay Zoes stocking ankle and leg some attention with my hands.

“Mmm good boy” she moaned, her free hand now massaging her crotch. “Come, kiss your way up to your prize perv” she sniggered through her moans.

My heart was beating out of my chest as my erection grew harder in my boxers, I began kissing beyond her shoe, up onto her ankles, feeling the silky sheen of her stocking on my lips as she lifted her leg onto my shoulder, revealing her red finger tips dancing with her soaking pussy. I kept kissing towards her, the back of her knee, I was getting closer to tasting her sweet juices. I reached the top of her stocking and gave it a little bite, letting it snap back against her smooth thigh. My lips radiated excitement as I reached Zoes bare skin, the warmth of her thigh almost kissing me back.


“FUCK!” Zoe whisper shouted as she pushed me back and pulled her dress up to cover her amazing tits.


Everything was happening so fast I barely had time to process what was going on. Then it hit me. That banging is the door, the door we shouldn’t be behind!

“Shit” I muttered, I was about to shout out and just admit defeat and hope they didn’t ban me from the club, and hopefully get Zoe back to my place instead of this cold bathroom. Zoe grabbed me, looking directly into my eyes.

“Shhhh, you don’t wanna be caught here Pauley” she whispered.

Why does she keep saying I don’t want to be caught here and not we don’t want to be caught here I wondered, but I didn’t ask, I simply replied “ok”

“I know your fucking in there Jill! They called me because they saw you on camera” The voice sounded angry. “And who the fuck is that guy your bringing back here! Yeah I know you’re in there too! Open the fucking door!” *BANG* The door rattled after the impact.

“What the fuck, who is Jill? Do you know this guy? What are we going to do?” I panicked in a whisper making sure that whoever was on the other side of that door couldn’t hear me.

Zoe stood up, taking her thong off the other leg and holding it in her hand, she pulled down her dress and it once again gripped at her body. Even with the fear running through my veins I was in awe of her.

She pushed me to one side and shimmied past and out of the cubicle. Her heels clicked on the tile floor as she walked into the bathroom and leaned against the sink. She didn’t look scared, she looked almost irritated, like this was a minor annoyance. She looked over at me and smirked as she rolled her eyes, she stood up and clicked towards the door, my knees were weak, I was sweating and scared.

I waved my arms to catch her eye and mouthed “what the fuck are you doing?”

Zoe looked back at me over her shoulder, her smile radiating power and sex appeal. She mouthed back with her luscious red lips. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this” and turned back towards the door.

*CREAK* The handle moved, but the door did not budge.

Zoe turned back, she giggled and shrugged her shoulders.

“Open the door Jill stop fucking around” the anger had turned to frustration, whoever was on the other side of that door was not going to be happy once it opened.

“Who is it?!” She said in a high pitch voice, laughing while she did.

“You know damn well who it is Jill, open the door” the voice was not amused

“Who’s Jill” I mouthed at Zoe.

She looked at me in my eyes and pointed her finger up in the air, then with a bit of flair, pointed back at herself. Then she smiled and shrugged her delicate shoulders again.

“Its jammed you tight bastard, I told you ages ago the door was being funny” she clapped back at him

Then she walked back past me and over to the sink, where she half sat, pulled out another joint from her black purse, and began working her lighter until it finally lit up, she pulled her leg up onto the sink to further sit back on it, exposing her stockings and shaved pussy. Its as if she had forgotten I was there at all.

“Fucking hell! I told them to fix this shit, step fucking back!” And no sooner had he finished his sentence, the door made an almighty bang, and then another, the room felt like it shook as a third impact was made. The door handle was bending and buckling and with one final hit, the door to the bathroom flew open and the light from the hallway bathed the dimly lit space.

I was terrified, I didn’t even wait to see who came through the door, I dived into the cubicle and locked the door, my heart pumping blood around my body faster than ever before.

I heard footsteps come into doorway, the light that flooded in from the corridor was largely gone and the room was dim again.

“What the fuck is this Jill, its been 2 weeks, no call, no text, and you turn up here, not home, not to me, to my fucking club, with whoever that PUSSY, hiding in the cubicle is!” He said sternly

“Calm down sweetie, I didn’t turn up here with anyone, I met him here, waiting in line for the toilet, because they, like everything else in here, are broken! I asked him if he wanted to use a different bathroom” she said defiantly “although, he is a bit of a perv” she purred, as if she could feel my fear.

“What does that mean Jill? A perv…who is he? And where have you been for 2 weeks, its not normal to leave your god damned husband for 2 weeks with no explanation, I know you do some borderline crazy shit Jill, but this is a bit much even for you!” He sounded angry, confused and disappointed

‘A fucking husband’ I thought, ‘she didn’t tell me she was married, but then she didn’t tell me her real name’ my mind raced, I thought about how I could get out of this, what would her husband do when I came out of the cubicle, this must be the club owner, the one she said she had been dating, ‘I am in so much shit’ I thought almost out loud.

“I told you Alex, calm down, we argued, I left, I travelled a little, spent some of your money, went to a few strip clubs” she was nonchalant in her explanation, the words dripping from her mouth. “Then I found little Pauly in there, and I brought him back here, to piss, and he tried to eat my pussy, didn’t you Pauly?” Her last words echoed around the room like a cave, or it might have just been in my mind I cant be sure.

I was still, silent, I don’t even know if I was breathing. ‘What the fuck Zoe, Jill, whatever your fucking name is’ I thought. I said nothing.

*BANG* the whole cubicle rattled, the door nearly breaking its lock. I put my feet up against it to try and stop any more attempts at a break in.

“Well, is that true asshole?” He half shouted through the door.

“Listen man, I had no idea she was married, she told me her name was Zoe, she seduced me man, I’m sorry, I just want to leave” my voice almost broke with panic

I heard a laugh fill the silence, Jill, formerly Zoe, was chuckling.

“Spoil sport” I heard her say as if her game had been ruined

“Let him loose Alex, all we did was kiss and I teased him a little” I heard her reason with her husband

“You kissed him… what else did you do, define teased Jill” he asked not seeming surprised at all

“I dunno baby, showed him my tits, and made him kiss my shoes” she giggled “and let him see my pussy” her voice trailed off

I heard them whispering to each other, they seemed to be arguing back and forth but not loud enough for me to hear what they were saying, I was sweating and feeling trapped in the cubicle, waiting for one of them to say something.

“Ok ok, Jesus Jill, i’ll let him go” I was so relieved that a stupid grin rose on my lips “But” there it was, the grin was gone “I’m going to have to do something, he kissed my wife, he saw her tits and pussy, he needs to be punished for that” he explained to her

“Ok Paul, I’m going to let you go, but you have to get naked, I want you fully naked, you saw my wife’s pussy and tits, you kissed her, its only fair she sees you, and I get to send you home naked and humiliated” Alex did not sound like he was joking.

Thoughts raced through my mind, I cant just walk out of here naked, I cant walk out into the streets naked, is the club still open? What the fuck am I going to do.

“Come on Pauley, he wont offer again, and you did try to fuck his wife” this time it was Jill who said her piece, which was rich coming from her since she is the one that instigated this whole situation.

‘Fuck, I’m going to do it, I mean I could try to fight my way out, but Alex sounded so strong when he hit the cubicle and when he broke through the door, this is the only way I can leave in relative peace’ I convinced myself, this was the only way, I stood up and took off my shirt, then my jeans and shoes and socks, I was now stood in my boxers, and I hoped this would be enough.

“Ok, I’m coming out” I said, embarrassment hanging on every word.

“Yay” I heard Jill say mockingly behind the door followed by 3 little claps

I reached up and unlocked the door, as it opened I noticed the door was shut and a single beam of light came in through the hole where the handle had broken off.
I looked over to the sink where Jill was sitting, but now stood next to her was Alex.
He was tall, 6ft 2 at least, well built but a bit of a pretty boy. He was tanned like Jill, clean shaven and dressed smart, he looked like a business owner and oozed power.

“Let me ask you something Paul” he groaned at me “do you know what the word naked means” his face completely straight

I attempted to speak, to explain and plead him to let me keep the boxers.

“No, no, you know the deal” he interrupted, “I let you go unharmed, after messing around with my wife, but, you go naked, and that, means naked” he paused “now”

The battle was lost and I knew it, I had one chance to get out of here and home, in that moment I made my decision. I reached down and pulled my boxers down, careful to keep all of my junk in my hand as I stood back up.

“Make him take his hand away baby” Jill pushed

“You heard her, move your hands!” He said calmly

I moved my hands away and with that I admitted defeat. There I was, stood naked, in a cold bathroom, my small cock even more shrivelled up than normal, its usually about 1 and a half inches soft, but it was probably less than an inch, and my balls were so tight they were almost inside me.

“Oh, my, god, you actually thought you were going to end this night, fucking me, with that!” Jill said in disbelief with a smirk on her face.

“Its cold” I tried to argue

“The cold has nothing to do with it, just like it has nothing to do with why you have such a feminine figure, you hid that well under your clothes Pauley” Jill grinned then took another drag on her Joint

She was right, my body did look feminine, for one I was naturally pretty much hairless on my body and the little bits I did get I would shave off, I’m usually quite athletic and lean, but when I do put on weight it all goes to my hips and ass, my ass was round and quite firm and my hips gave me a slight hourglass shape, that’s why I wore a baggy shirt and jeans to the club.

“Fuck dude, I cant believe you thought that my wife, my beautiful, albeit slightly mad wife, would see all of that, and still want to fuck you” he was to the point with his tone, “you must eat pussy like a god with that type of confidence” “change of plan, your going to stay here, and watch me fuck my wife, your going to watch me pound her pussy and cover her hot bouncing tits in my cum”

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t really have a choice, Alex was between me and the door, and although I don’t think he was surprised at his wife’s actions, he certainly had me by the balls and any argument would come back around to me trying to fuck his wife.

I started to concentrate on the positives, it would be just like live porn I guess. I would get to see this beautiful woman, naked and in the throws of wild passion, getting her tight pussy fucked and hear her moans of pleasure while she was filled with Alex’ cock.

“Ok ok, but then I can go home” I asked wearily

“Maybe” Jill said under her breath with a giggle

“What you think I’m an asshole that would go back on my word you little bitch!” Alex said, sounding genuinely offended that I would question his integrity.

“In fact Paul, I’m even gunna let you have something outta this deal, you wanted to eat Jill’s pussy so much, I’m gunna let you, your gunna get that sweet little pussy ready for me to fuck, and you better do a good job little dick!” Alex looked over at his wife, who by now had one of her slender legs propped up on the sink and was slowly rubbing herself clearly turned on by all of this

“Well, you heard him Pauley, lets pick up where we were interrupted” Jill stood up, popped her firm tits out of her little dress and walked past me into the cubicle the click of her heels the only sound. The toilet seat cracked shut and she sat down.

Written by u/Talesoffantasy on Reddit

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