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A Discovery At The Club – Part 2 [Fiction] [FMM] [Bi] [Coerced]

Written by u/Talesoffantasy on Reddit

This is the second half of this story, i hope you enjoy it, again, please leave some feedback, i appreciate it. Thank you.

“Well, get on your knees and crawl to her, bitch” Alex commanded

My body shaking from a mixture of the nerves and the cold, I felt helpless, I knew what I was about to do, I was about to follow their rules, play their game, and the shame of that weakness washed over me. I began to bend the knee and prepared to crawl over to my sultry commander for the night on her throne of porcelain.

“Ah ah ah, wait” Jill crooned, her smile lit up by the light of the cubicle

I thought she was coming to her senses, she’d had her fun with me, she was going to cut me loose and spend the night with her rich, hunky husband, I was almost gleeful inside.

“Put these on first” she laughed a sinister laugh as she threw something at my chest, I knew what it was the moment it lightly brushed my chest and drifted to the floor, my glee was short lived, my embarrassment flooded back, ‘Damn, I was right’ I thought as I looked down and saw it on the floor at my feet, Jill’s red thong.

I tried to protest “Come on, rea…” but was cut off mid sentence “put on my panties Pauly” Jill was looking at me now, smiling with that same smirk she had gotten me into all of this with, she ran her finger up from her knee to her pussy, “put on my panties and crawl to me” her nonchalant tone was both worrying and sexual.

“Here” Alex grunted as he leaned over and handed me the thong from the floor

I took the thong in my hands, it was red satin, with black lace running around the top meeting in the middle with a small black bow. I stepped one leg in and then the other, I could not believe I was doing this, my heart raced as I pulled them up, the satin felt good against my hairless legs. I could feel both Alex and Jill smirking in the room, their victory over me hanging in the air like the smell of weed. I pulled them all the way up, the back of the thong slipped between my plump ass cheeks, coming to rest against my butthole, the front was snug, cupping my balls and tiny cock together and forming what looked like a tiny mound, no penis outline, no big balls trying to escape the sides, it was almost completely smooth.

“Wow honey, look how cute he looks, he really suits my panties, you can barely even tell he has a cock” Jill laughed over at Alex

“Yeah you have the body of a chick, dude, I cant believe you thought you had a chance with her” Alex laughed while putting a big hand on my shoulder and pushing my down to my knees, “Now crawl… and keep your fucking bitch ass in the air while you do” he demanded

The cold tile sent a shiver through my naked body as my hands and legs expelled what heat I had left into the floor. I crawled towards Jill, her legs spread and perched on her high heels. She reached up and started to roll her nipple between her thumb and finger while beckoning me forward with the pointer finger of her free hand. A grin rising on her face.

“You know the rules bitch!” Jill teased. She crossed her leg over the other and held out her red leather shoe. I knew what to do, I began making out with her shoe, licking it and kissing it. “Ass up” she said pulling her shoe away, I arched my back, sticking my ass up in the air. “That’s better Pauley, your ass looks great in my thong, doesn’t it Alex”

“Yeah, you look like a chick from behind with your long hair and phat ass” Alex chuckled

Her shoe returned to me lips, I began making out with it again, after a few minutes I decided to risk taking the next step, I kissed up onto her ankle. I moved up her long leg, letting it rest on my shoulder as I moved on to the back of her knee, she moaned and shifted on her throne, her fingers teasing her clit. She grabbed me by the hair and whispered “its time” and with that, she pulled my face into her crotch, it smelled clean and had a hint of perfume as if spritzed earlier in the night. Her thighs radiated her body heat into my shoulders and face. Her beautiful slit was sitting mere centimetres from my mouth.

“Kiss it” she smiled

I did as I was told, I leaned forward and planted a kiss on her warm mound. I’ve always loved to go down on women, possibly due to my small cock, 3.5 inches hard, I felt it was not fair if I did not do my part before getting to put my little dick inside, as surely that would bring them no joy. Some were nice and faked it, others just lay there until I was done. But because of this, I had become very skilled with my tongue.

I kissed and licked Jill’s dewy pussy, she tasted amazing, her juices were sweet and addictive. I was in love with everything about her warm wet pussy. I lapped at her, savouring every second, every taste, every texture. She gripped my hair, moaning louder and louder, she was grinding her mound right into my mouth, her heel dug into my back as she held on, loving every second. “Uhhh, that’s it Pauley, uhh yeah, eat my fucking pussy perv” she moaned at me, among other things. She was getting wetter by the second, I was so turned on, I almost forgot about the reality of the situation I was in, I thought about it as I tongued the dripping pussy of this hot stranger and it was almost worth the embarrassment of being kicked out nude, to taste this goddess on my tongue.

Jill and Alex spoke back and forth throughout, Alex asking how good a job I was doing and Jill conveying her approval back to him, Alex was now closer, I could feel his presence and hear his breathing, I could hear his hand on his trousers while he groped and kneaded his cock beneath them.

“Oh yeah baby, does that look good huh?, you stroke your big cock for me! Get it nice and hard for Pau, for my tight hole baby!” Jill said through her pleasure

“Fuck Jill, I’m gunna fill you up so good, I cant wait to fuck your little cunt up with this hard dick once your done with this loser” Alex said while grasping at his bulge

*WHACK* My ass stung as Alex’ big hand slammed down onto my exposed cheek *WHACK* he smacked down on the other, the sting was momentary but the warmth that rose in my ass cheeks was second only to the red I’m my face, red with pure humiliation, a man had just spanked me twice while I was on all fours in his wife’s thong, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I kept lapping up the juices flowing from Jill’s pussy like an eager dog at a water bowl while she instructed Alex to keep spanking me, and groping me. His hands were warm, he was groping my ass cheeks in his big hands, then smacking me, telling me I was a bitch and his wife’s little toy. I was totally humiliated, not just with the situation, but with how much I was enjoying it. Every strike warmed me, every grope making the thong gently rub against my asshole. I was sure my ass would be red by now and I didn’t care, I just wanted to keep licking.

“Ok Pauley, that’s enough” Jill said while pushing me back onto my knees. She stood up, her pussy and thighs soaked. She stepped past me, giving me one last smell of her womanly scent as she left the cubicle. She sauntered over towards Alex while pulling her strapless dress down around her waist, she dropped it to the floor and took one final step towards Alex.
She was now, standing there with her back to me. Her slender back was draped by her long straight blonde hair which led down to her perfectly peachy ass, her long legs looked strong as they perched on her red heels in black stockings.

She reached down with her hand and began to grope Alex’ protruding bulge, her crotch grinding against his leg, she
She undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. She didn’t take his dick out, instead opting to return to massaging his now growing bulge over his boxers. I was in awe of what was happening, she was seductive and dangerous, an expert at controlling the men around her. Alex seemed to have forgotten all about his wife being willing to cheat on him in a club bathroom with a stranger. He was hypnotised by her ways, he moaned as she rubbed and fondled his cock through his boxers.

“Come here Pauley, crawl over here” Jill said without looking back at me.

I crawled over, ready now to watch her be fucked, to watch her husband fill her up, to see her ecstasy and passion while her perfect body was groped and grabbed and used for her and her husbands pleasure.

“Ok, you kneel right here” she chuckled pointing to a spot about a meter away from them. I was about crotch level whilst kneeling, and she moved to the side, so my view was of her hand gripping what looked to be a meaty package. She stroked it and fondled it, the outline of Alex’ big cock became more clear as it stretched out down into the leg and his balls filled the pouch like part of his boxers.

“You wanna fuck me baby, you want this hot cunt?” Jill smirked staring right into Alex’ eyes the words slowly leaving her bright red lips as she stroked the full length of his semi hare looking cock with only a thin layer of material stopping skin to skin contact.

He looked back at her, a flame of intensity and passion in his eyes, he dropped his trousers to the ground, his belt buckle filling the air with a ringing sound as it struck the tiles, his tanned thighs were hairless and muscular, his boxers looked full to bursting. He grabbed her by her ass and began pulling her in closer, her pussy touching his covered cock “give me that pussy babe, lemme fuck that tight little cunt” Alex sounded like a man possessed, I just sat there in awe of this display of pure sexual tension, everything else left my mind, I barely even felt the cold of the room on my skin anymore, I was excited I just wanted to see these two go at it, I wanted to see some raw animalistic fucking!

“Waiiiittt babyyy” Jill said in a mischievous tone, “I have a better idea” as her hand continued to grope him, “I don’t think its fair that I get nice and warmed up by little Pauley over here, but you’re expected to just get on with it” her sultry words seemed to strike an interest in Alex.

He stared back at her, intense tension in the air. “How about a nice, warm, skilled mouth, around that big cock of yours huh?” She said, not breaking eye contact, “how about a long blowjob to get that semi nice and hard?”

“Yeah suck my cock babe” Alex murmured as he leaned down to kiss Jill’s neck

I couldn’t wait to see Jill take his cock in her mouth, to see her suck on his manhood I expected a pornstar level blowjob from this sexual goddess.

“Aha, no honey, not my mouth, little Pauleys, just think baby, what would be more humiliating than on your naked walk home you can taste the cock of the man who made you walk home like that” she smirked at him, and then looked back and winked at me, not a friendly wink though, this one said, gotcha!

‘Fuck fuck fuck’ I thought ‘ I don’t want to suck a fucking dick! I’m not gay, I’m not attracted to men at all’ my mind raced ‘how the fuck am I going to get outta this, I’m kneeling, in nothing but a red thong flattening my small package, on a bathroom floor, in front of the owner of said bathroom, the taste of his wife’s pussy still on my lips. I was terrified, but for some reason, I was still turned on, Jill had captivated me, everything about her was soaked in sexual energy.

“See, look at that, I think even he likes the idea” Jill giggled pointing at my pantied crotch, where a barely visible boner had made a slight bulge in Jill’s red thong.

“I need to hear him say it, he needs to ask me for it! Then I might think about letting him taste the dick that is going to fuck your pussy in front of him” Alex said, staring directly at me, his brown eyes intimidating and stern.

Jill leaned down and planted her lips on mine, she kissed me deeply, pressing our mouths together quite hard, then pulled away her lipstick smudged lips about an inch off mine, her eyes staring deep into mine “now you have the lipstick, you better ask him if you can suck his cock Pauley, he’s probably real mad about me kissing you again” she whispered

The kiss made sense now, she didn’t kiss me out of lust for me, she kissed me to transfer lipstick onto my mouth. I protested in hushed tones “please Jill, please, I don’t want to do this, I don’t like cock, I don’t want to suck one. Fuck!”

“Nhww that’s cute that you think I’m going to help you here perv, you have looked at me naked, you have been kissed, you have tasted me on your tongue, you think that’s a punishment sweetie? She held out for an answer that didn’t come, “I thought not, now, crawl over to Alex, look him im the eye, and beg him to let you suck his big manly cock, ok…. Paula” she slapped me lightly twice on the cheek and smiled.

She stood upright again, turned, her perfect ass right in my face, then took a step next to Alex who was now resting against the sink. She stood at his side and looked up at him, “Paula has something to ask you honey” she said nonchalantly, as if I was going to be asking to borrow 10 dollars and why was she calling me Paula all of a sudden.

“Come on, chop chop!” She said sharply, clicking her finger and pointing down at the spot on the ground directly in front of Alex.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, its as if I wasn’t in control of my body as I crawled over to the spot and kneeled in front of Alex, my heart was racing, my hands were shaking, my tiny cock strained against the thong keeping it still relatively flat and smooth. ‘I have no other choice, maybe they wont go through with this, maybe its just another humiliating mind game’ I tried to convince myself

I looked up at Alex, and asked him shakily, “C can I suck your cock Alex”
*WHACK* Jill leaned over me and smacked my asscheek hard “You can do better than that Paula, I said beg him, show him how much you want his meat in your little painted mouth” she wasn’t joking “last chance, then the deal is off, you hear me bitch!” She sniped

My ass still feeling the rising warmth of her smack, I look up at Alex, I know Jill is serious, ‘I better be convincing, she’s not playing’ I thought. I place my hands against Alex’ toned thighs and looked up into his eyes. “Please Alex, please let me suck your big cock, I want to feel you in my mouth, I want to taste the cock that gets to fuck Jill’s pussy, please” I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth, or how convincing they sounded.

“Ok bitch, suck my fucking dick” Alex said, straight to the point.

*CLAP* *CLAP* “yay!” Jill was excited by this. She looked down at me from next to Alex, “come on Paula, don’t keep him waiting” she smirked “get it out and give it a kiss” she half giggled

I was going to do it, I had to do it, it would be over soon and I would be able to go home, once Alex felt how bad I was as sucking a dick, this being the only time, he would fuck his wife, which would be hot, and then I could finally go home!

I slid my hands up over his boxers, feeling the huge bulge beneath them, I kept going up, until I reached the waist band. I slid my fingers between the band and his lean abs and slowly pulled them down over his shaved body. First I could see the base of his cock as the band slid down, it looked thick and dense. I pulled them down all the way, revealing a thick, long semi hard cock, it looked way bigger than mine, as if they were two different things entirely.

“Kiss is” Jill almost whispered as if the tension was killing her

The head of his big cock was almost free of the foreskin, I reached up and took his length in my hand, it was heavy and warm, I pulled back on his shaft revealing the bulbous head, the light glancing off the dome-like end. I leaned forward slowly, waiting for one of them to interject and stop me, but that didn’t happen, I pressed my lips to his flesh and kissed his fattening cock.

“Wow, that’s hot” Jill purred as her hand moved back down to her soaking pussy.
“But I know you can do better than that Paula” she was loving this, “Pretend its my shoe if that helps” she giggled, but I knew she meant it.

I lifted his weighty cock up and French kissed where his swollen balls met the base of his member, I licked and kissed that spot and then ran my tongue all the way up to the head.

“Yeah perv, really put some effort in, like you did with me” Jill purred up again

I licked the head, and swirled my wet tongue all around it, it glistened in the dim light, then I did it, I took the head of Alex’ semi hard cock in my mouth, I got his whole head in there, and room for a little more, I licked at the underside of his helmet while I sucked on his tip. I could feel him getting harder and thicker in my mouth as Alex and Jill moaned throughout, I kept sucking and licking, then pulled my mouth away. I was now looking at Alex’ cock, fully hard, an inch from my mouth, the veins were full, it was about 7 to 8 inches long, and quite thick, it hung from his body like a weight and curved upwards with a slight curve like an almost straight banana. In comparison to my own, this thing was gigantic.

“Mhmm you love that big cock Paula, don’t just tease him, suck his beautiful cock like the slut you are”

My face reddened, embarrassed that she could tell I wasn’t just doing this because of the deal anymore, my tiny cock was rock hard, I wanted to just keep sucking his huge piece, my mouth watered at the thought of it.

I moaned as I leaned forward and took as much of Alex’ cock as I could into my eager mouth. I sucked his thick cock with passion, bobbing my head up and down, fucking my mouth with his swollen head, his cock tasted so good and my mouth loved the feeling of his saliva covered cock sliding in and out of my red lips. I lifted up a hand to feel the weight of his full balls on my palm, they pushed down against my hand. I cupped them and began massaging them while my mouth worked his head.

“Ugh you fucking slut” he groaned with pleasure “Your mouth was made to suck cock!” ‘He’s right’ I thought, this did feel really good, I loved sucking on his big dick just like I enjoyed eating his wife’s wet pussy.

He held my head by my hair, pulling back so I was looking up slightly, “stick your tongue out” he rasped, I did as I was told, I stuck out my tongue,  and he whacked his meat down on it 3 times, it hurt a little as he was so heavy and hard. He rubbed his head all over my face covering it in my own saliva and his scent. Then pulled my mouth back down on to his now throbbing dick.

I worked his cock for a while, sucking him, spitting on his cock and slurping it back up, I licked and sucked his balls, I worshiped his big, thick, hard, warm, wet cock. I was filled with lust for it. He moaned and groaned the whole time, and Jill played with her pussy, also moaning, and throwing in the odd jibe of “slut” or “bitch” or “Paula” but I didn’t care, I just wanted to keep sucking this huge cock.

“Ok you little perv, I want you on all fours, I wanna see your little ass while you suck his cock “Come” she dragged Alex by the hand away from me and over to the toilet, he sat where she sat earlier, he kicked off his shoes and pants, his cock standing upright from where he sat. “Now crawl” she said looking me in the eye, she smirked as I leaned forward onto all fours and started crawling towards Alex sitting in the cubicle.

*WHACK* “Ass up” she growled smacking my butt cheek hard. I promptly arched my ass up as I crawled. “Good girl” she giggled

I reached Alex on all fours and raised up to meet his glistening cock with my lips, being sure to keep my ass up in the air the whole time. I gobbled on his cock like it gave ever lasting life, I choked on him and drooled on him while I sucked his cock like I had seen in porn, like I was hoping to see Jill do earlier.

“Your ass looks so cute in YOUR thong Paula, if I didn’t know any better id swear you were a woman from this angle” Jill mocked, she ran her hand down the crack of my ass, running it down the red thong, gently pushing as she passed my tight hole and down onto my squashed balls, she continued down to my little mound and I thought she was finally going to give me some relief, I thought she was going to take out my tiny cock and stroke it for me. But instead, she rubbed back and forth, the satin brushing the head if my cock gently, she massaged my mound like it wasn’t a cock at all, as if she were rubbing a pussy.

“Mmm does that feel good perv, do you like when I rub your clitty?” This was not rhetorical

I let Alex’ cock out of my mouth long enough to manage an out of breath “yes Jill, I love it when you rub my clitty” and with that my mouth was filled again

As I sucked the veiny fat cock into my mouth I felt Jill, slapping and grabbing my ass cheeks, she would sometimes grab the band of my thong and snap it, all the while encouraging me to please her husbands dick, I felt my thong being pulled to one side over my asscheek, and a warm drop of liquid land in my crack as I heard Jill spit to get it to drop. She took her fingers and gently started rubbing my hole while I continued to suck, she did this for what felt like an eternity but was probably only a few minutes. It felt so good, her slick fingers massaging my tight hole.

“Ok Paula, its time” She stated, and with that I felt a pressure build up on my already wet asshole, until her finger slowly sank deep inside me. “Good girl” she said, giving my ass a light smack with her other hand. “Keep sucking him slut” she half whispered as she began moving and gliding around in my ass. The pressure was intense and it felt like I had to pee but that gave way to a rush of pleasure as she pushed another finger in and began to stroke the inside of my asshole. “Look at you perv, you love this” she giggled

She continued to finger my ass like a cheap whore while I worshiped Alex’ cock, my hips grinding back to meet her enthusiasm, I felt so degraded and humiliated, on all fours in this bathroom with a strangers cock filling my mouth while his wife’s fingers filled my ass, I moaned and squeaked as they called me their bitch and told me what a slut I was.

“Right that’s enough Jill, I want your pussy right now” Alex pushed me back and stood up, while Jill pulled her fingers from inside me. I attempted to stand up but Jill pushed me back to my knees, Alex picked her up from behind, her legs straddled his arms as her feet dangled down, capped by her red high heels.

“Put his cock in me Paula, I want to feel my husband inside me” Jill moaned out

I grabbed Alex’ thick shaft and pushed the head of his cock into the opening of her silky pussy. He worked it in slowly about 10 inches from my face, as I watched him enter her my ass twitched and I felt my hand go down to the front of my red thong, they were a tiny bit wet, probably precum from my ass being fingered so expertly, I didn’t pull out my little penis, I instead rubbed it like Jill had earlier, feeling the satin of the panties rub against the sensitive part of my head.

After a while Jill was taking his full cock deep in her pussy, her juices ran down and dripped from his swollen ball sack. “Eat my pussy while he fucks me you slut!” She eked out through the heavy breaths and moaning coming from her red lips. I leaned forward and began lapping at her juices, licking her husbands big balls, her pussy and tonguing her swollen clit. Alex fucked her harder and deeper, pounding her like she owed him money. “Uhh fuck me Alex, fuck my little slutty cunt” she shouted while Alex hammered into her sopping pussy. “Uhh uhh baby, uhh fuck me, I’m Cumming baby, keep fucking me” she moaned and screamed, her voice broken now with panting breaths, she wasn’t the in control alpha female that I had first met, she was replaced with an animalistic slut, being fucked with a big hard cock, feeling every inch of pleasure, she started to shake and buck in Alex’s arms, her pussy was running like a tap now, I kept licking her sweet juices while she came hard on Alex’ drenched dick.

“Cum all over my tits baby, cover me in your creamy load baby” she panted, Alex lifted her off his cock with no effort at all and put her down, her legs were shaking so much she could barely balance on her high heels, she dropped to her knees next to me. She looked at me “suck him till he’s ready to blow Paula” she said to me, still flushed from her shaking orgasm. I took Alex in my mouth, his cock throbbed and tasted of Jill’s sweet pussy, I rocked back and forth, taking as much as I could each time, I gagged on his cock, drool running down my chin and pooling on the ground beneath me

“Uhhh fuck I’m gunna cum” Alex proclaimed
Jill pulled me back from his cock and pushed my head down to her chest.
Alex’ balls tightened up, as he groaned and stroked his cock in our direction. His cock pumped out rope after rope of hot cum, it hit my face, running over my lips and cheeks, it hit Jill’s chest spilling down her perky tits. Jill grabbed the back of my hair and pushed my face forward, my mouth opened instinctively and was filled with the salty taste of Alex’ cum as I sucked the last remaining drops from his veiny pole. I sucked and licked, feeling him grow soft in my mouth. He pulled away and walked towards the cubicle.

“You missed some perv” Jill giggled, back to her powerful and in control self, she pointed at her full breasts covered in streaks of cum. I leaned over to her and licked her clean like a cat lapping up milk.
“Wow you are a little slut huh? It didn’t even take that much convincing, this coulda been your lucky night with me, but somehow I think the night you ended up with was preferable” she chuckled, knowing she was right

“Ok, you can fucking go now” Alex stated as he walked out of the cubicle fully dressed again.

“C can I at least keep my boxers?” I asked meekly

“No, you know the fucking deal, you go home naked, and we are all square” he barked back

Jill stood up and almost skipped over to him, she hugged him and whispered into his ear.

“OK, change of plan! Your lucky Jill likes you so much bitch” “You don’t have to go home naked, but these are mine now” and with that, Alex picked up all of my clothes and walked out of the door.

I stood up, “huh, he said I don’t have to go home naked, but he’s took my clothes” I questioned, puzzled and nervous.

“Yeah perv, you don’t have to go home naked, you have your thong, and this” Jill held out the little black dress she had been wearing when I met her

“What the fuck, I cant wear this” I said panicking, ‘I cant leave here in a fucking dress’ I thought.

“Well sweetie, take it or leave it, you know, your being really ungrateful, that’s one of my favourite dresses” she sniped back at me

‘If I’m quick when I get home, and I pull my hair down over my face, my neighbours shouldn’t know too much, they will just think a girl is coming over, and with that on I will be able to get a cab instead of running home naked’ these thoughts raced through my mind.

I leaned down and picked up the dress, I pulled it on over my head, and moved it into place, it clung to my hips and my ass much like it did Jill’s, the only place it didn’t fit was the chest.

“Ohh you look fucking hot Paula, you look like a little used slut with that cum on your face and now smudged on my favourite dress, but you do look hot, a little make up and you would look like a real woman” she chuckled

As she stood there naked in front of me, her pussy puffy from the pounding it had just taken, she still looked beautiful and powerful. “Ok I’m gunna head upstairs and get ready, you gotta get out of here, you can go through the club if you want, or you can take a left out the door and follow that corridor to a fire exit” she paused and looked me up and down, her eyes full of joy, as if she had gained a victory in life “but, that is my favourite dress, and you’ve ruined it, so you owe me for that” she walked to the sink where her purse sat on the ground, she bent over straight legged, flashing her used pussy as she did, and pulled from it her lighter and another joint in one hand and a small piece of card in the other. She stood back up and took two long steps back to me. She handed the card to me and then lit up her joint.

“You call me in a couple of days, once you’ve had time to find a replacement dress for me” with that she blew a cloud of smoke into my face and walked out of the bathroom.

I walked over to the door and cracked it open, I watched as her perfect ass jiggled its way towards a door in the hallway, she threw up a middle finger to a camera overlooking the door and giggled, and then she was gone. The door cracked shut, and I was alone.

At this point it washed over me, the reality of my situation, I was in the back area of a nightclub, wearing a dress and my face was covered in saliva, cum and lipstick. “My phone! ” I said out loud, and I looked around the dimly lit room, there on the floor were my phone, my wallet and my keys. I ran over, my bare feet making a pitta patter on the tile as I did so. I picked up my phone and ordered a cab to come pick me up, I left an instruction for the driver “back of the club”.

I waited until the cab was close, and then I left the bathroom, I entered the hallway and turned left, I followed the long white corridor until I came to a fire exit, I pushed it open and peeked outside. The back of the club was deserted, the street beside seemed empty. I stepped out of the door and it closed with a bang. Not long later, as I stood in the cool air of the night, my cab pulled up, and I climbed in.

“Rough night?” The driver asked as I slumped into the back seat, tired and defeated. “You know young ladies like yourself should be careful out drinking on your own like this” he stated. I said nothing and he began to drive. The ride was a haze, neither of us spoke and I just stared out of the window, my hair sticking to my face with sweat and cum, I smelled of sex and debauchery.

We pulled up to my house and I climbed out of the Cab, I quickly rushed over the grass outside and up to my front door, it was getting lighter now outside and I didn’t want to be seen.

I opened the door and stepped inside, the door closed behind me with a click and I ran upstairs. I switched on the bathroom light and looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t look like a guy anymore, not the one that looked in this mirror before leaving and told myself I might bring a girl home tonight”, no, right now I looked like a used whore, my hair and lipstick making it hard to tell what gender I was, the cum on my face dry. I looked down to see streaks of smudged cum all over the dress I was wearing. ‘I need a shower’ I thought. As I pulled the dress up and off over my head, revealing my wet panties, I caught a glimpse of something on my rosy ass cheek. At some point, Jill had written SLUT in red lipstick across my ass, knowing I would discover it.

I climbed out of the red thong, my small cock and balls free from their constriction, and climbed into the shower. I stood back against the wall, running my hands all over my wet body, playing with my nipples and remembering the events that had just taken place. I chose not to jerk my cock, but instead rub the underside of my head with two fingers until I came all over my hand and stomach ‘like Jill would want’ I thought as I daydreamed.

I got out of the shower and dried off, happy to be in my own home, happy to be safe, I walked into my bedroom and put the card Jill had given me on my table. I climbed into bed, my sheets cooling to my still sore ass cheeks, and I drifted off to sleep thinking about Jill’s delicious pussy and Alex’ huge throbbing cock.

Written by u/Talesoffantasy on Reddit

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