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Mark and Ellen Part 1: A semi-true story by their bull. [interracial] [cuckold][cheating][real]

Written by u/DarkMajicks on Reddit

Some fact have been altered to protect the privacy of some people

I met Mark and Ellen quite by chance. I had made a last minute decision to attend a business associate’s stuffy dinner party.

After I arrived, I was scanning the room for familiar faces, but I was immediately drawn to this amazingly sexy black woman chatting away in a knot of guests. She suddenly looked up, our eyes met and I felt an almost physical jolt that nearly took my breath away. We stared at each other for a moment until a handsome white man touched her arm and resumed the conversation.

I definitely wanted this woman, but I could see by the ring on her finger that she was married. So I yielded to discretion and valour; however that adage goes.

Dinner was excellent but the company was boring until sometime after dinner when things got a lot more interesting.

Later that evening after dinner, the same man who had been with that amazing woman sought me out while carrying a couple of drinks.

“Ellen likes you,” he said casually as he offered me one of the drinks. “She’s that woman you were staring at before dinner. The black woman. She kept talking about you all through dinner. She has such picky tastes in men that it’s really rare for her to be attracted to someone so fast..”

I was not expecting this sort of conversation, but after getting through his initial verbal barrage, but was getting a feeling I knew where this was going.

“Oh and by the way, I’m her husband. I’m Mark.”

Now it was starting to make sense.

“I like her too,” I raised my glass. “And thanks for the drink.” I made a point of staring directly at Ellen. “Your wife really is stunningly gorgeous. She is one of the sexiest women I have seen in years.”

Mark was smiling and nodding. “She really is,” he agreed. I could hear the caution in his voice as he went on. “Which I take it means you find her attractive. I mean, personally. As in you being attracted to her.” He took a fast gulp of his drink. His hands were trembling just a bit. I had a feeling I knew why. He was excited.

“Actually I’ve lusting after your wife all night and wondering if she would be interested in cheating on you. I’m just not sure how to broach the subject with her.”

I glanced over at Mark. The look of relief on his face incongruous. My suspicions were confirmed. Well, mostly confirmed. One final test.

“Go get your wife for me. I want to get to know her.”

Mark beelined to Ellen, pulled her away from the hostess and started talking earnestly with her. She glanced over at me with a look of surprise as Mark appeared to be making some sort of impassioned plea. I smiled and nodded to her. She smiled and nodded back but raised one eyebrow quizzically. Mark grabbed her elbow and steered her over to me.

“Hello Mark’s new friend,” she laughed. Her voice was a low alto with a bit of a rasp. She had perfect dark ebony skin and classic African features. She was tall and lean, like an athlete. She offered her hand. Her grip was warm, strong and soft.

“Actually, I don’t know Mark,” I smiled and continued holding her hand. She smiled and held my hand tighter when she realized I was not letting her hand go.

“In fact, I was just using Mark to meet you for my own purely selfish reasons.”

“Oh, that sounds interesting,” she stepped just bit closer. “And what might those selfish reasons be?” Her smile was wicked and enticing.

“He wants to fuck you,” Mark blurted out. The man was definitely excited.

“Looking me deep in the eyes, she paused for a few seconds, like she was evaluating me, then she murmured, “The feeling is very mutual.” She leaned in close to my ear. “I want you to fuck me senseless.”

I know I was grinning at that point but her eyes, her smile, her scent and soft skin were overwhelming me. She raised her eyebrows in an unspoken question. I nodded. She turned to Mark.

“Go get the car baby, we are going home so I can make sweet love to your friend here.” Mark nodded and vanished.

“I should introduce myself. My name is..” Ellen’s finger touched my lips as she shook her head no.

“I don’t want to know your name until your cum is leaking out of womb.” She bit her lower lip. “It’s always been a fantasy of mine.. ok?”

“I can always just be Mark’s friend a little longer I guess.”

“By the way,” Ellen asked conspiratorially, “Did you see how hard Mark’s cock was when he left?” I put my arm around her waist as we walked out of the party. Her body felt as good as it looked.

“He’s a real sweet cuckold, you know. He really loves it when I meet a man that really wants me and that I also want..”

She stopped suddenly and looked up at me.

“But you knew all this before you and I talked, didn’t you?”

“Experience,” I admitted. “I love cuckold couples. There is real vibe, a fucking sexy vibe that you can recognize.” We resumed walking to the door with her now leaning into me.

“But to be honest, it was Mark who kicked it off. The man has skills.”

“That’s why I married him,” Ellen laughed. “He knows what turns me on and god am I fucking turned on right now.”

When Mark pulled up, Ellen and I got into the back. As soon as the door closed, we were all over each other like rutting animals. Deep, sloppy kisses that had both of moaning. Clutching at each other, groping, biting. She tore her dress was off in one fast movement leaving her naked in my arms.

“Mark!” she barked between kisses. “You better not be jerking off while you’re driving!”

There was a muffled “No Mistress” from the front seat.

Her body was perfect. Her skin was like black oil and just as soft.\  Long legs, slender torso and small breasts with wonderfully large nipples. A warrior’s body. Her baby smooth pussy was leaking so much grool that it was making a puddle on the seat.

I couldn’t resist the musky and rank sank scent from her crotch. I got on my knees in front of her, threw her legs over my shoulders and buried my face into her soaking wet cunt.

I was so absorbed in eating her out, loving the stream of orgasms she was writhing through while sucking down as much as her juices as I could that I didn’t realize that were no longer moving.

Mark opened the door. He was naked , his erection bobbing and drooling precum. I got out of the car and realized we were parked on the street in an upscale neighbourhood.

Ellen remained nude as we got out of the car. She looked at my dishevelled clothes with a disapproving look. I shrugged, stripped and tossed my clothes in the car.

“We are exhibitionists,” she explained as she took my cock in her hand. We walked up the driveway to house with her hand never leaving my shaft.

Before opening the door, Ellen said she had to get my permission for something. I didn’t mind waiting for second because it was erotic standing there in public, erections waving about; but I wanted to be inside this woman as soon as possible.

“Mark and I are exhibitionists. Whenever we have a sexual encounter, we video everything and take lots of pictures. Are you okay with that?”

I kissed her quickly.

“I’m an exhibitionist too, so I love it.”

“But,” she continued putting her arms around my neck, “all of our faces will be totally visible. If any one sees our stuff, they will know who you are.”

Here eyes widened a bit and she smiled.

“I’m guessing that you are good with that since your cock just got harder.”

I nodded. I could tell there was more, although feeling my cock rubbing against her stomach was distracting. So was Mark masturbating behind us.

“And we share. With friends. And sometimes just random people. We post on porn sites and we tell anyone we share with that they can share our stuff with anyone they want. Once you do this, there is no going back. You can’t take back the sex tapes, they are out there forever.”

I kissed her neck making her moan and sag a bit in my arms.

“You promise you’re going to share our sex tapes and shit with everyone?” I asked into her neck.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned.

“And that our private kinky sex sessions will be totally exposed to every one?”

“God yes,” she moaned and started humping her wet mound on my leg.

“Then tell Mark to go set up the cameras, and let’s get started..”

Written by u/DarkMajicks on Reddit

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