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Mark and Ellen Part 2: A semi-true story by their bull. [interracial] [cuckold][cheating][real]

Written by u/DarkMajicks on Reddit

Mark opened the front door and stood back deferentially to let Ellen and I enter, our arms around each others’ waists. 

“Beautiful home.” I was honestly impressed with the elegance and understated luxurious feel of the décor.  

“Thank you,” Mark said proudly.

“My cuck does all the designing and decorating,” Ellen confided. “He may be a successful lawyer now, but for a while he was seriously considering being and architect.”  She gestured around the room.  “You can really see that the man is a true artist.”

“Thank you Mistress.”  Mark was actually blushing. 

Their bedroom was just as elegant as the rest of the house.  There were two expensive video cameras pointed at the bed; one attached to ceiling mounted dolly and the other on a tripod at the side of the bed.  On the table by the door sat two hand-held cameras.

Ellen noticed my interest in the cameras.  “We take our exhibitionism seriously here.”  Mark picked up a remote control and the cameras powered up.

“Live in three minutes,” he reported.

“Live?” I asked happily. 

Ellen faced me, her hands on my shoulders.  

“Of course,” she smiled and stared kissing my chest as she spoke. “We stream to a couple of sites that pretty much allow us to do what we want as long as it is legal.”  She nipped at my nipple as I started to run my hands over her perfect ass.  “We also like it because it lets people record what we stream.”  She looked up at me.  “Still up for our most intimate moments to become the jerk off material of strangers?”

“More than ever,” I whispered then kissed her deeply, my fingers sliding between her ass cheeks and hunted for her anal entrance.  As I gently pressed against her asshole she squirmed and gave a little a moan. 

“You better not be shy about using my ass tonight,” she groaned.  

Mark had been watching us carefully.  A soft chime sounded and he stepped in front of one of the cameras.

“Hello dear friends.  This is cuckold Mark welcoming all of you to the most intimate and perverted details of the personal lives of Mistress Ellen and my worthless self.”

“He’s got a small but very loyal following of fans,” Ellen whispered in my ear proudly.

“Tonight, Mistress Ellen brought home her latest lover.  This happened so fast tonight that we still don’t even know his name.”  He glanced over his shoulder at us.  “But I think she just might fall hard for him.  Thank you all for being witness to my humiliation tonight, and for watching my wife with another man who can satisfy her in ways I never could.”  Mark picked up one of hand-helds, turned to us and stood there patiently.

“Let’s fuck,” Ellen grunted as she onto the bed and  into her arms.

I can honestly say that at that moment, I lost it.  The lust I felt  for this woman exploded from some deep primitive part of my soul.  Her scent, that heavy musky odour of her cunt and the sharp scent of her sweat destroyed any capacity for coherent thought on my part.  In that moment of pure sexual arousal, I had no limits or thoughts of holding anything back.  

I wasn’t the only one.  She threw herself on top of me, her crotch grinding into my face while she was gagging trying to deep throat my cock.  Running my hands over her smooth back, I grabbed the back of her head and forced it down like I was raping her throat.   I don’t know how long we were devouring each other, but  know she came at least twice, each time releasing a spurt of juice and piss into my mouth. 

I needed to taste everything, do drink her fluids.  I would get my tongue as far up her as I could, then rim her ass, digging deep into her ass with my tongue there as well.   She was doing the same.  I could feel her licking my ass, rimming it in time with my rimming, licking my balls and tenderly sucking them

I was dimly aware of Mark literally inches away from us taking closeups with the hand-held.  He was crying as he watched us, tears streaming down his face.

Then Ellen was no longer on top of me.  She rolled onto her back herself spreading her legs wide and opening her arms to me.  

The fucking that followed was hard and violent, like a couple of wild animals mating.  It was loud. We were loud.  Grunting, moaning, screaming and shouting obscenities.  We were literally raping each other.  

She bit me and I choked her.  She clawed my back with her nails and I twisted her nipples hard.  There was no pain, only sensation.  We would stare into each others eyes as I rammed  deep inside her as she clenched her pussy around me.  I had three fingers in her ass fucking it time to my thrusts.  It became one continuous blur of us merging together.

We were dripping sweat.  Like the animals we were in that moment, we licked it off each other’s faces and bodies.  Every time she came, I could feel her getting wetter until the sloppy wet smacks of our fucking seemed like the loudest sound in the room.

Mark was bawling.  His body was wracked with sobs as he filmed our breeding while still constantly moving to get the most intimate shots he could.  His cock looked painfully hard and was dripping a steady stream of precum. 

Ellen’s last orgasm was more like a seizure.  Her head flew back, her neck muscles taut, as she started to shake and spasm.   Her back arched violently while her nails dug deep into my shoulders.  She stopped breathing for what seemed like an eternity while trembling under me, then collapsed totally limp onto the bed.  

I slowed down to give her a chance to recover.

“No, don’t slow down.  Keep using me,” she whispered burying her face in my chest.  “Use me until you cum inside me.”  She looked up at me pleadingly. “Promise me that you won’t pull out. I want you to cum inside me. I’m yours now.”

“I’m close,” I grunted.

“Wait!,” cried Mark.  “You might be fertile.”

Ellen threw him an exasperated look.

“I better be.  That’s why I want him to cum inside me.” 

Mark was shaking and muttering, “No this is too far, too far, too much.”

“Shut up and film or you will have to visit the booth,” she snarled.  “I want close-ups of our faces as he cums in me.”  

Staring deep into her eyes, I pushed as far into her as I could.  I could feel her pussy walls massaging my shaft.  I swear I could feel the head of my cock pushing into her cervix as her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me into her. 

My world exploded.  Everything went dark then bright; she became my universe for that timeless moment as I swear I could feel my very soul merging with hers.  I could feel my balls emptying spurt after spurt into her. She was moaning in my ear as she wrapped her arms around my neck urging me on with a whispers of filling her up, breeding her and cumming for her.

As my orgasm ended, I collapsed into her arms. We rolled onto our sides, arms and legs still entwined and my cock softening inside her.  We just lay there stroking each others face and sharing loving deep looks in that sweet afterglow.

“I fell like I have known you for my whole life,” I whispered tracing my finger along her lips.

She smiled softly, raised herself up on one elbow and looked at me.

“I feel the same way.  Maybe we have been lovers in many other lives before this, and now we have finally found each other again.”  She glanced over at Mark.

“Oh you poor dear, your balls must be painfully full.”  He nodded.  “Do you want mommy to let you cum?”  He nodded again.  “Then you know what you have to do, right?”

I saw a momentary look of fear on his face as he moved beside us and stood obediently.

Ellen rolled onto her back and spread her legs.  Our combined juices were pouring out of her.   Mark slowly got onto the bed, knelt between her legs and reluctantly started licking up the cummy mess.

Ellen placed her hand gently on his head.  “Remember, you have to eat every drop of cum and whatever else id down there.”  He nodded as much as he could.  Ellen looked over at me.  “Mark is totally straight so I have to train him to crave eating cum.” She looked down at him. “Besides, what could be hotter than him scarfing down the leftovers of other men fucking me.”

Mark may not have liked it, but he applied himself enthusiastically to the task.  After a while he was clearly just licking Ellens clit.  She pushed him away.

“Marky, you don’t have what it takes to make mommy cum after a real man has fucked her.” She pointed to my sloppy crotch.  “So finish the clean up.”

I shrugged and lay back with my legs open.  Mark moved between them and rather unenthusiastically started licking around my balls and thighs.

“Glad you don’t mind my hubby being a little faggot, Ellen laughed as she moved up beside me and rested her head on my shoulder. We watched Mark work his way to my cock.  “For training purposes,” she explained, “Mark is only allowed to cum while he is actually either sucking a cock, or is being fucked in the ass by another man.”

He took my cock in his mouth and started washing it with his tongue.  He was good even if he didn’t like it.   

“Now baby, while you have his cock in your mouth and you can taste me on him, taste my cunt juice on the man who just bred me, you can cum.” 

Mark stopped for a moment, closed his eyes and shuddered.  I could see his cock throb between his legs as he dumped a massive  of cum on the bed.   With the clean up finished, he got off the bed and left the room.

Ellen snuggled up next to me, as I wrapped my arms around her I noticed that she was already asleep.

End Part Two

Written by u/DarkMajicks on Reddit

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