Interview: The Band Famous

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Today we are interviewing Norell and Zander of The Band Famous. I would first like to thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to interview your group. Along with music, you guys create live art and have a website called

Q: How long have you guys been married?

We have been married since November 11th, 2012 and are coming up on our 8th wedding anniversary! We have been together for over a decade, though.

Q: Are you guys a part of the hotwife/cuckold/ or swinger lifestyle?

Yes, we are a queer/poly band. I (Norell) am bisexual and Zander identifies as queer. We enjoy threesomes with guys – I love spit-roast – and also with girls and we have even dated the same girl before. I have a sweet tooth for BBC and Zander surprised me (with the help of a couple BBC friends) as an early birthday present for my 31st by giving me my first gangbang! It was super hot to cross gang-bang off my bucket list, and it was fun to officially put the “dirty” in “dirty thirty” in my final month of being 30 years old. J

Q: What made you guys get into doing porn?

Well we have always been body positive and I was actually first a body paint model for Zander. We incorporated quite a bit of controversy in our self-produced music video for “Promises”, which I actually directed. I had this idea and I was like, “Zander, I’m going to have to kind of depict you as a monster” and he was game for my vision. We had some implied sex scenes that were pretty convincing and I also am nude in part of the video, so as you can imagine there was a mixed bag of reactions to that video. I had support from one of my high school teachers, and artists from the Twin Cities like Brant Kingman, who likened the video to a “feature film reduced to a music video”, but I had just as many negative reactions – friends blocked me and some reacted harshly with mean words. Some people had called the video “smut” or “porn”, and I was like, “Ha! Imagine if we actually shared our porn”. Zander and I were making erotic art privately since around 2014, first beginning with photos, which we had always planned to share in some capacity such as an adult gallery show. We were already making websites, apps, music, music videos, doing photo shoots, body painting, and more; we were doing pretty much everything but porn, and at one point we were like, “might as well try porn”! There was clearly a desire from many fans that were curious to see our authentic wild sides together; some were up in our DMs, some were publicly saying on the Internet that we made soft-core porn. We started a soft release of our porn and after seeing many positive reactions that we were helping singles and couples all over the globe just by sharing some of our intimate moments and sexy adventures with them, then we decided to go full-fledged hard release of our porn around January 2020. We have been on OnlyFans since around April 2020, and already I am in Top 27% and feel so grateful to all of my fans helping me grow so rapidly on that platform. I’m also in Top 50 Rising Stars on ManyVids, and have over 100k views on my videos on multiple porn sites. I have men and women requesting us to make anal videos and DP videos; the fan base for our porn has been just incredible. We can barely keep up with all of the platforms with all of our growing numbers and we feel blessed. 

Q: Norell do you enjoy your husband watching you with other men?

Yes, it’s so hot! I have never been with more than one man at a time before exploring with my husband and never imagined I would either. I had only ever fantasized about threesomes with women but boy was I surprised to see how much I would enjoy threesomes with men. I am grateful to him for encouraging me to try new things, like anal for example. I am bisexual and truly enjoy the best of both worlds in that degree. I never realized it would be so hot having sex with another person in front of my lover until I tried it. His beautiful cock is always rock hard for me and impressive to me, but when I see his rock hard cock just watching me in Action, it adds another level of hotness.

Q: Zander, How do you feel about your wife fucking other guys?

I am pretty excited by it. We are deeply in love, so it’s just another level of intimacy. There are certain things that aren’t achievable with just us two together – sexually speaking – and I support freedom. I think expressing your sexual side is important so I want my wife to express herself and always feel support from me. Sometimes we do a shoot and that’s one type of erotic experience and other times we have maybe a personal party and that is something different. Not all couples that make porn are poly. I know it’s hard to think about, but not everybody that does it is poly. So off set, they don’t play with anyone else, but we are a little bit more open than that. I love my wife and love watching her get fucked. It’s great!

Q: Quite a few of your scenes feature BBC, do you prefer it?

I prefer big cock attached to good people. A lot of people often think that Zander and I are in a cuckold situation and assume that he must have a small cock and that’s why he enjoys watching me with BBC, but that’s not the case. Zander has a big penis and loves watching me get fucked by big penis. I have done scenes with white guys and Black guys, but sometimes in the booking process, Black guys overall are more chill and down-to-earth. White men tend to get hung up on the fact that I’m married, they want to be my producer, they can’t just seem to be chill to do a scene and hang out with us afterwards. Obviously this is a generalization and there are exceptions as I’ve worked with a couple white guys, but if you read the messages from the White porn producers in my DMs and emails you’d get why I’m staying 100% independent. For one of the scenes someone wanted to setup a gangbang for me, but they didn’t want my husband there. Many white men tend to have more insecurities; maybe its penis size, maybe it’s something else, but Black men, in my experience are just more secure and comfortable with Zander being my husband. 

Q: How do you feel about interracial sex?

It is beautiful to us! There is definitely this feeling of fighting racism, too, which we love because fuck racists. Black is beautiful and we are happy to show our support. We love our Black brothers and sisters and all BIPOC.

Q: Are you a size queen?

Yes. My husband has a big dick and I love big dick. I get excited over big dick. Zander set me up with a guy after we moved to Cali a few years ago and after talking with him for a few months we finally met and he is to date the biggest black cock I have ever conquered and remains a good friend to us both. I have my Daddy and my BBC Daddy now. I’m so spoiled that I have even a couple other handsome BBC friends that Daddy introduced me to. Hopefully one day I can play with them altogether and put on a real hot show for my husband and my loving fans ❤

Q: What type of scenes do you want to try next?

Well, Zander did turn me on to anal, thankfully, and DP is still on my bucket list for sure. Plus I have women and men requesting anal and DP videos with BBC, so I do hope I can make their fantasies – and mine – a reality. Covid has of course made things difficult for nearly everyone, but we will of course continue creating, as we are safely able to do so. 

Q: What’s next for Band Famous and Kamasutracandy?

So happy you asked! We are currently in production for our final music video “Because” off the Awakening EP. We are very excited and feel really good about this production. We’re extra inspired since the song actually played on the radio in the United Kingdom recently. 

We are also creating custom CBD balms and topicals that we will have available soon in our Shop / Venue, The Band Famous, in Los Angeles. Currently, we have store hours every Saturday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm, but we will be expanding store hours soon. We are selling merchandise for some amazing artists, and sharing 85% of the proceeds with them for every item sold. We are artists supporting artists and in times like these it is so important to band together and we are just happy that we can help keep the music alive. It’s sad times with so many venues closing left and right, and we are going to do our very best to adapt to the times and keep the movement going, even if we might be one of the last surviving venues. We are planning a Covid-free (must test negative for Covid to attend) live-stream benefit show that we will have limited tickets available to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and we won’t be able to offer our donation-based bar due to Covid, so it will be BYOB (and 420-friendly). We will have live music and more and will be raising awareness for and sharing proceeds with a cause dear to our heart while live-streaming everything through our in-app concerts and on our twitch, just as we have since forming spontaneously on a live-stream in 2013.

We will also be doing some new Malibu Strings photo shoots to celebrate that The Band Famous was among the 2020 Malibu Strings Competition Winners. Hopefully we can get a hot poolside photo shoot and maybe follow-up with a hot porn scene poolside. It could happen! 

Speaking of the porn, for KamasutraCandy we will be doing our best to continue creating content, as we are able to, but all within strict safety measures according to industry safety measures and guidelines in response to Covid-19. We are considering hosting a movie night featuring some of our erotic movies via our Projector for a limited audience within social distancing guidelines. One thing is for sure, Covid-19 has definitely shaken things up and forced everyone to adapt in some capacity or another. We are trying to stay creative, innovative, motivated, and inspired. The support of our fans definitely helps keep our fires ablaze and keeps us fighting the good fight throughout all of life’s curveballs and ups and downs. 

Thank you to everyone supporting The Band Famous and for supporting KamasutraCandy! Those of you who are supporting both of our creative projects, you truly have our gratitude forever. 

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